Unlock Access to COP 28: A Guide for the Public to Join the Climate Conversation

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Dubai is gearing up for COP28 next week, and you have the chance to be part of this pivotal event

The countdown to the largest global climate summit, COP 28, has begun. To be held at Expo City, Dubai from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, the conference will see widespread participation from world leaders, official delegates, climate activists and of course, you the public.

This year, the public can be part of a range of events and activities to be held at the Green Zone. Managed by the COP 28 UAE Presidency, the Green Zone, is free to access. All you need to do is register for a dated day pass on the official summit website.

The Blue Zone, on the other hand, is managed by The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chang (UNFCCC) and has restricted access to UN accredited participants only.

Access to Green Zone

The Green Zone is targeted to be an inclusive space, open to not just the public but also to NGOs, the private sector, climate enthusiasts, guests and delegates of the Blue Zone. Offering artistic, cultural, educational and gastronomical events, you can visit the zone from 10 am to 10 pm, with the hubs closing at 6pm. Remember, each day pass is valid for a single visit only and cannot be used for multiple entries. The Green Zone Day Pass gives access to the public from December 3rd onwards.

Aerial view of Expo City Dubai. (Photo by Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai)

Inside the Green Zone

The Green Zone will be an action-packed arena with over 300 talks and discussions centered around climate change and sustainability with art installations, interactive exhibits and film screenings. More than 100 events and workshops will be free and open to the public.

The Green Zone will include Terra-The Sustainability Pavilion, Alif-The Mobility Pavilion, The Vision, The Women’s Pavilion, Al Forsan Park and the Al Wasl Plaza. One of the main highlights of the Green Zone will be the Expo City Dubai Pavilion, designed to help visitors learn about the city and sustainable living through a series of events. From exploring climate-health to understanding sustainable humanitarian supply chains to viewing nature-based solutions, there is something to suit all interests. Head to the official website to register and see the schedule.

Yet another flagship feature of the Green Zone will be the Expo Organic Farm at Al Forsan Park. With demos on sustainable agriculture, visitors will get insights into growing organic vegetables and fruits, understanding nutrition without using chemicals and enabling food security minus greenhouse gas emissions. Also on display will be an indoor hydroponic garden, a mushroom farm, an organic café and a host of community events.

You would also not want to miss Extreme Hangout, scheduled to happen also at Al Forsan Park. First launched at COP 26 in Glasgow, and equally successful at COP 27 in Egypt, the Extreme Hangout is a dynamic climate event action platform that will host some of the world’s leading organisations, celebrities and sporting icons. Expect to engage in climate action dialogues, witness cultural performances, network and savour culinary delights.

For Families

For families heading to the Green Zone, the musical, Alya in Terraland will be an ideal entertainment also spotlighting environmental awareness. To be screened for the public at the Terra Auditorium, this 45-minute musical features young Alya, who wakes up in a strange wonderland and ends up meeting a string of creatures, who talk to her about the human impact on our planet.

Also on display in the same pavilion, will be Fragile Beauty, a marine photography exhibition by Prince Hussain Aga Khan, celebrating the wonders of the ocean.

Another exhibition titled Resonating Tides, at the Women’s Pavilion will focus on women and feature artworks, photographs, crafts, performances, installations and videos.

Hubs in the Green Zone

The zone will have several thematic hubs dedicated to give eco-conscious individuals opportunities to learn, get inspired and collaborate towards creating a climate action agenda.

Energy Transition Hub

In this space, visitors will witness how leaders and innovators plan to showcase their sustainability roadmaps designed to accelerate the journey towards attaining net zero goals.

Knowledge Hub

On this platform, UAE government, NGOs, local entities and their partners will share experiences tackling climate challenges and solutions, along with a networking area for climate enthusiasts to share notes.

Climate Finance Hub

This hub is slated to play a crucial role in COP 28’s transformative mission by discussing pressing topics such as carbon markets, green capital, global finance and energy transition pathways.

Technology and Innovation Hub

This hub is where you can see how latest technology and futuristic ideas will help battle climate change.

Startup Village

Within the Technology and Innovation Hub, the village will feature over 100 climate tech startups where visitors can understand advancements in climate technologies.

Humanitarian Hub

To be operated by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), on behalf of the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC), this hub will build awareness about the humanitarian impact of the climate crisis.

Youth Hub

Like its name suggests, this is where young people can curate events, network and share ideas to explore climate change solutions.

Greening Education Hub

Also known as Erth, Legacy for the Land of Zayed, this Pavilion will be run in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education focusing on climate education.

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