Perfect Father’s Day Picks for the Planet-Conscious Dad

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Father’s Day is upon us once again and it’s a time of year when you get to show your appreciation for all the great things dads do

Father’s Day is your chance to show just how much your old man means to you, whether they’re a master chef in the kitchen, a dab hand at DIY or always cheering you on from the sporting sidelines, there’s a gift out there that’ll show them how much you care.  

To help in your search for the perfect gift, we’ve put together a list of sustainable options that will put a smile on your father’s face.

Our Father’s Day Green Gift Guide

Toxin-Free Treatments

three skincare creams for father's day

This UAE-based skincare brand uses natural ingredients such as olives, shea butter, argan oil, grape seed, and charcoal powder to produce vitamin-packed products – moisturizer, scrubs and serums – all specifically tailored to men’s skin. &SOM’s active charcoal face scrub is proven to keep the skin looking young, clean, and blemish-free, so your dad will be delighted with his new youthful look. The brand also plants a tree for every product sold so you can shop ‘til you drop, safe in the knowledge that it’s all for a good cause. What’s more, &SOM only uses packaging from FSC-regulated forests so there’s no harmful wrapping involved.

Waste-Saving Watches

watch with blue strap and yellow sun dial

If you’re looking for something really special a timepiece from sustainable Swiss watchmaker ID Geneve will make this Father’s Day truly unforgettable. The B Corp-certified company use recycled materials and unsold parts to create luxury watches of superb quality. The brand’s eco mission is so strong Leonardo Di Caprio personally invested to become a part of the business, which aims to make the luxury watch industry more sustainable.

The Circular S model is one of the brand’s most popular – the yellow dial sold out within days of Di Caprio being pictured wearing it but thankfully there are other colours available. ID Geneve currently produces around 600 pieces a year in total, which don’t hang around for long so catch them if you can! (See what we did there?)

Sustainable Sportswear

men wearing golf clothes

For active fathers this is what they’re crying out for. Reflo is a new sustainable sportswear brand making use of materials like single-use plastic and coffee beans (really) to create advanced technical fabric. Reflo prides itself on its minimal waste approach, with all packaging reusable and biodegradable and actively takes part in tree planting projects, currently in Madagascar and Mozambique.

For the clothing itself, the golf polos are an ideal choice for Father’s Day as they’re smart and breathable and look good both on and off the course, so they’re perfect whether your dad is into golf or not.

Planet-Friendly Padel

man holding a padel racket

The padel community in the UAE is one of the places to be with hundreds of people getting into the game each week. One of the great things about the sport is anyone, of any age and ability can get involved, so no matter if your dad is a master of the court or starting from scratch, he’ll fit right in. Either way, Adidas’ RX Green racket makes a great gift, given that it’s made from 100 per cent renewable and biodegradable flax fibre material. The racket retains its durability yet is lightweight and great quality. If you’re quick, you might find a bargain in the sale too.

Conscious Cases

eco friendly phone case

If your dad has been rocking the same phone case forever now’s the time to give him an upgrade. Plastic phone cases are a huge problem globally with millions being produced every year to fit new phone models. Thankfully A Green Co. are doing something about it by producing compostable and eco-friendly cases made from bamboo-based material. The company are on a mission to produce eco-friendly products for a brighter future, and their phone cases are free of BPA, lead, cadmium, and phthalates. So not only will your father’s phone look the part, but he’ll be also doing his bit for the environment too.

Vintage Vibes

man's hand holding vintage jackets

Pre-owned fashion is a great way of updating your father’s wardrobe without falling into the fast fashion trap. High street and designer brands are the bread and butter of UAE-based RETOLD, which gives a second life to unwanted clothing meaning you can shop ethically and sustainably for your old man this Father’s Day. With such a wide range of garments and accessories, the only danger is that you’ll come out the store with a new wardrobe for yourself.

Upcycled Furniture

recycled barrel furniture as father's day gift idea

Every father has their favourite chair, so why not make it an upcycled one from recycled materials and parts. UAE-born Dulsco Environment is committed to getting people to ‘think green’ and has created over 40 bespoke pieces of furniture, games, BBQs and more items at its ‘New Old and Reloved’ store, in a bid to re-use household ‘stuff’ and turn it into something special.

Each item is made to order and uses things like tyres, recycled metal, barrels, and even old pet beds, to craft unique items that can be used for years to come. Throughout June there’s also a 15 per cent discount on all items, so now’s the time to shop!

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