Quick-fire Q & A interviews with people that matter

Because the Planet Deserves it. Beauty Consultant Valerie Reynaert talks Sustainability in Salons

We chat to regional beauty consultant, Valerie Reynaert on ways in which local salons can be a cut above the rest when it comes to sustainability.

by Anthea Ayache

Michael Stausholm: Founder of Sproutworld, the First Ever Plantable Pencil

Michael Stausholm is the founder of Sproutworld, a plantable pencil that gives new life to the lead in the form of flowers and herbs.

by Josh Sims

The Man Spreading Magic Sand That Can Turn Deserts Green

Chandra Dake the man spreading ‘Magic Sand’ across the UAE, a product that could transform the thirsty desert into lush, productive farmland

by Anthea Ayache

Steve Sosebee on the Grim Reality of Life in Palestine

Three decades after launching the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) Steve Sosebee reflects on the challenges and rewards of serving a dysfunctional and highly politicised health sector

by Samia Qaiyum

Business Guru Kate Hardcastle Talks Sustainability and the Role of Consumers

Known as The Consumer Whisperer, TV personality Kate Hardcastle MBE, gives her sustainability and business tips

by Anthea Ayache