Trash Man Rob Greenfield is Saving the Planet One Step at a Time

Meet Rob Greenfield. An Activist with a purpose, he’s saving the planet one footstep at a time by walking the streets of LA wearing a month’s worth of trash

The average US American creates 2 kilos of trash per day, yet most don’t think twice about it. Once it is in the bin, their rubbish is out of sight, out of mind.

Rob Greenfield, US activist and humanitarian, wanted to carry out a head-turning stunt to help people understand just how much rubbish they generate and inspire them to make positive change.

For 30 days, he lived just like the average US American: eating and drinking with single-use plastics, using single-use bags and generally living with little regard for the rubbish he was creating. He then wore every piece of this trash, piling it into a ‘trash suit’ and walking around the streets of LA for everyone to see.

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