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India – The True Tiger Kings

In India, home to almost 70 per cent of the world’s tigers, huge conservation advances are being made but with more tigers, come new dilemmas

by Anthea Ayache

The Wildlife Conservation Bridge saving the Mountain Lions in California 

Donors including Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio have donated millions to build a bridge to free big cats and other species cut off from the wild by ten-lane high-speed freeways

by Karen Pasquali Jones and Nick Ames

Sniffer Dogs Leading the War Against Poaching And Illegal Trade by A Nose

Once used to find bombs, detection dogs are now unearthing narcotics, tiger body parts, water leaks and even illnesses such as cancer and malaria

by Josh Sims

Nearly 50 per cent of UAE mammals Under Threat

From graceful gazelles to elusive sand cats, the UAE’s mammals are under threat according to a new report

by Nick Ames

Protests Over Plans to Detonate Austrian Glacier for extra Ski Resorts

The pristine Pitzal glacier is under imminent threat but this time it’s not from climate change. Plans to enlarge two ski resorts in Tyrol, Austria involve exploding and removing more than 750,000 cubic metres of snow

by Nick Ames

Licence to Krill: Is This Whale A Russian Spy?

How a charity is trying to save an escaped beluga whale thought to have been trained as a secret agent by the Russian military

by Nick Harding