How To Keep Your Festive Glow… All Year Round

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The festive season may be over, but your holiday sparkle needn’t be.

Did your festive beauty appointments feel like a marathon of waxing, tanning, manicuring and blow drying? The pressure of sparkle season means we’re often primped and pampered from head to toe, ready to face the roller coaster of social obligations, unexpected guests at the door, and seeing every blood relative (and then some) within one, chaotic week.

So, come January, when you’re exhausted and the only gift bags left in the house are the ones under your eyes, why let your festive glow fade? Shine all the way through 2024 with these natural, organic or plant-based pick-me-ups – minus the marathon. 

Try Facial Cupping at Ciel Spa

try a spa to keep your festive glow - picture of swimming pool and wooden walls inside a contemporary spa

You’ve probably heard of cupping for your body; the process of expelling toxins using suction cups, but have you heard of cupping for your face? High up on the 69th floor of Dubai’s SLS hotel, luxury wellness center Ciel Spa awaits. Known as the leader in modernised cupping massage, the destination also offers the ‘Face Lifting Treatment’ using cups. Similar to traditional cupping, the treatment uses suction cups to bring blood circulation to the surface of the face stimulating your skin and muscles with smaller and softer cups.

Assisted by natural hand-crafted aromatherapy oils, the therapy increases oxygen-rich blood circulation and stimulates cells responsible for collagen production to minimise the appearance of scars and wrinkles whilst toning the chin, jawline, and neck by decreasing puffiness. And don’t worry, you won’t be left with the tell-tale cup marks typically left behind from body cupping, just a radiant, refreshed glow.

An Earth-Friendly Chop at Boho Salon 

inside of a salon with all natural decor

A month of parties and meet-ups has no doubt meant more heat than usual on your hair from styling tools. This leads to dry and damaged strands in desperate need of some TLC. A quick trim, treatment and blow dry at the newly opened Boho Salon in Arjan, Dubai is the sustainable start your hair needs to 2024. With a host of professional and friendly stylists on hand to give your hair the care it needs, you can relax knowing treatments at this beautiful new venue won’t harm your locks or the planet. Think bamboo hair brushes, filtered water systems, sulfate-free and vegan products, paper-not-foil foils for highlights and sustainably-sourced salon interiors for guilt-free, happy hair. 

Get Your Glow Back at Kai Clinic 

woman receiving rejuvenating treatment

Kai Clinic is all about offering a personalised approach to your skin. This is why the highly skilled therapists will not only discuss your own skincare goals before developing your treatment, but will also use Truescan skin analyser equipment to thoroughly detect your complexion’s pores, UV spots, wrinkles, pigmentation, texture and moisture. Then, armed with exactly what your unique skin needs, your therapist uses a line of plant-based products from clean skincare brand, Comodex. Products that prioritise pure ingredients and exclude parabens, petrolatum, glycolic acid, artificial dyes, fragrance and more, to heal your skin gently.

Oh, and they’re 100 per cent cruelty-free. As a finishing touch to your 1-hour facial, enjoy 15 minutes of LED Light Therapy to leave with revitalised skin. 

Revive Your Color at Aveda 

inside a black salon with a green living wall and lots of products

If you traveled during the holidays, the likelihood is your hair colour has been exposed to UV rays, hard water, cold temperatures, pool chlorine or all of the above. Revive any dull, faded colour with a trip to the Aveda boutique in Bloomingdale’s, Dubai Mall. Discover the Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color which uses up to 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients and plant power instead of petrochemicals for an essentially damage-free result for both you, and the planet.

What’s more, all products are cruelty-free and all packaging is 100 per cent post consumer recycled. Choose from a range of irresistible colours that resist fading and leave brilliant shine, all created with a social conscience.

Wrap Up! at Zoya Wellbeing 

woman walking next to swimming pool

Seek the ultimate rejuvenation after the craziness of Christmas, with the long list of organic treatments at Zoya Wellbeing in Al Zorah. If it were us, it would be a tough call between the Seaweed Leaf Wrap and Warm Spiced Mud Bath. Both treatments detoxify the skin using seaweed products from luxury organic beauty brand, Voya, to reveal soothed, hydrated skin, naturally. This full body treatment is an ultimate ‘me time’ treat for anyone who needs it.  

Fresh Nails at Havie & Moon

inside a white clear pretty salon

Whilst it’s difficult to find a manicure that’s 100 per cent chemical free (as all polish typically has some chemicals), cruelty-free salon Havie & Moon in Dubai Hills gets pretty close.  Prioritising organic ingredients and the cleanest products possible, ask for family-owned nail brand, ORLY, when getting your next manicure or pedicure. Why? Because it’s guaranteed cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated without formaldehyde – a nasty preservative found in many beauty products that can create skin reactions and if exposed to high levels, cause cancer. 

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