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Wish You Were (Virtually) Here? The Remarkable Rise of Virtual Reality Vacations

With the advent of AI, immersive technology and augmented and virtual reality, we can be instantly whisked thousands of miles away for a fake-ation but will this sustainable ‘holiday’ ever match the real thing?

by Ellen Manning

Samara Karoo Reserve: Where Conservation, Beauty and Eco- Luxe Unite

From cheetah tracking on foot to picnics at the top of the world, Samara Karoo Reserve is truly a safari for the soul

by Anthea Ayache

Winter Wanderlust: 6 Unique Destinations for an Offbeat Escape

If you’re looking for an end-of-year break or an interesting winter trip to kickstart 2024, here are a few ideas for your next offbeat escape

by Georgia Lewis

Turbulence Alert: How Climate Change is Stirring Up a Storm in the Skies

From advancements in turbulence detection systems to revised flight paths, the industry is not merely buckling up for more bumps; it’s redefining the way we fly in the face of a shifting climate

by Josh Sims

Dubai Metro Gears Up for Ambitious 30 Kilometre Expansion

The new 30km Blue Line will link Dubai Metro’s existing Red and Green networks improving commuter travel across the emirate

by Nick Ames

Hit The Trails: Six Beautiful Hikes to Try in The UAE 

Spanning lush green wadis, hidden beaches and extraordinary canyons, the UAE is home to some incredible hikes

by Harriet Shephard

Unplug, Unwind, and Unlock Serenity at These Silent Retreats

At these silent retreats being quiet isn’t just the absence of noise; it’s a powerful tool for self-discovery in a world that never seems to hush.

by Nick Watkins

Adventure of a Lifetime: The Best Places To See Gorillas in the Wild

This World Gorilla Day we highlight the last few places in the world where conservation vacationers can see these highly endangered primates and celebrate those working to preserve the species

by Kate Wickers

WAX-ing Lyrical: Going On A New Mindfulness Retreat With Comedian Ruby Wax

She’s interviewed former US president Donald Trump and pop star Madonna but now Ruby Wax is hosting mindfulness retreats to teach how to handle stress in a frantic world

by Christine Fieldhouse