Sustainable Supper Stars: Teible, BOCA and Lowe Maintain Michelin Green Stars in Dubai

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BOCA, Lowe, and Teible were recognised last night in Dubai at the Michelin Green Star Awards for their outstanding commitment to green gastronomy

As the culinary capital of the Middle East, Dubai celebrated its fine dining scene at the prestigious Michelin Guide awards ceremony last night. Among the winners were three restaurants that proudly retained their Michelin Green Stars – Teible, BOCA, and Lowe joining a group of just over 300 eco-conscious restaurants worldwide. The coveted award recognises a serious commitment to sustainable gastronomy that reduces the restaurant’s environmental footprint while still delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Local Michelin Green Star Winners


BOCA, led by Chef Patricia Roig, is a pioneer on the UAE’s dining scene for combining culinary creativity with ethical practices. This home-grown Mediterranean gem, located in the heart of Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC), prides itself on its regionally unique ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy, which champions organic produce from local and regional farms while reducing food miles and supporting local communities.

From wheat based straws for their conscious cocktails through to living moss walls, BOCA’s eco-conscious practices are not limited to sourcing ingredients locally. The restaurant also runs on 100 per cent renewable energy, implements zero-waste and water-saving strategies and promotes waste recycling programs.

Speaking to The Ethicalist, Chief Sustainability Officer Omar Shihab said: ‘We are proud to retain our standing in this year’s Michelin Guide with the coveted Michelin Green Star. It is the highest accolade in gastronomy, and is a testament to the hard and long work we’ve put into running a responsible and conscious restaurant operation.

‘This year, we are doubling our efforts by collaborating with local conservation and research centers in Dubai to introduce new native ingredients into our menus’ he added. ‘Through this, we aim to showcase another beautiful side of our city—one that highlights not just style, but also substance and the preservation of people and the planet. We hope to inspire a new culinary future for our city. As chefs and restaurateurs, we hold great transformative power to bring real change and impact.’

Last year BOCA was recognised by the prestigious Gault&Millau guide as the UAE’s ‘Sustainable Kitchen of the Year’ and has earned a spot on the 50 Best Discovery list. The Michelin Green Star, which the restaurant retained last night, solidifies BOCA’s position as a leader in sustainable dining in the emirates. With these accolades and its commitment to green gastronomy, BOCA is setting a high bar to follow.

Spotlight: Stracciatella and Aubergine Caviar

Zaalouk, pomegranate, blueberries, local zuchinni


Lowe, under the guidance of Chefs Jesse Blake and Kate Christou, ethically celebrates fresh regional and organic produce sourced from local farmers to minimise it’s carbon footprint. Situated in KOA Canvas, Al Barari, it is widely known for its vibrant and contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine, that focuses on seasonal produce cooked naturally by fire.

interior of Lowe restaurant with nature outdoors
Lowe in KOA, Dubai picked up it’s third Michelin Green Star
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Manager at Lowe, Zachary Roy told The Ethicalist, ‘We’re all extremely proud here at LOWE to receive our third Michelin Green Star in a row. It’s a testament to all the hard work and effort the team puts in for something we so strongly believe in and we look forward to continuing in the future.’

The restaurant, which has also been featured in the MENA 50 Best restaurants, boasts an open kitchen featuring a charcoal grill and wood-fired oven and prides itself on rustic and approachable yet fully flavourable dishes. The homegrown restaurant also reduces food waste by creatively using every part of each ingredient while offering guests an 8-10 course ‘Waste NOT’ menu made up of courses that woul conventionally be waste products. The restaurant’s continued eco-friendly practices has earned it yet another year of Michelin Green Star distinction.

Vegan Spotlight: Burnt Tomato Salad

five star tomato salad

Local tomatoes, cucumber, popped barley, radish, yuzu


Last but not least, Teible, led by Chef Carlos Frunze, has consistently showcased exceptional Mediteranean dishes with a strong focus on local, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. This Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant overlooking the Dubai creek and housed in the Jameel Arts Centre also follows a farm-to-table concept under a four-pillar value system that includes sustainability, seasonality, simplicity, and locality.

The contemporary restaurant, that changes its menu every three to four months to reflect the country’s seasonal harvest, uses energy-efficient equipment, implements waste reduction measures and encourages environmentally friendly supplier practices. Retaining its Green Michelin Star, Teible continues to inspire sustainable gastronomy in Dubai and beyond.

Vegetarian Spotlight: Zucchini from Sharjah

stunningly presented zucchini tartlet from Teible

Zucchini Rolls, Pistachio Nuts, Koji Emulsion, Honey Yuzu Kosho Dressing, Curry Leaf Oil, Preserved Lemon

These three outstanding restaurants, Teible, BOCA, and Lowe, are fabulous examples of the future of sustainable dining in Dubai. Retaining their Michelin Green Stars serves as inspiration for other restaurants towards a more responsible culinary scene across the emirates.

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