Sparkle Responsibly in Lab-Grown Diamonds from these Top 5 UAE Jewellers

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Discover a touch of eco-luxury with lab-grown diamonds and responsibly sourced gold, for style that aligns with values

Jewelry is sentimental for so many of us with each piece often telling a personal story of celebration, inheritance or fond memories. But have you considered where the story of your jewelry really began? Way before it graced your beautiful jewelry box or manicured finger? And why you should be making yourself more familiar with lab-grown diamonds.

Mined diamonds have long been associated with child labour, the exploitation of vulnerable communities and unsafe working conditions. Not only is this a violation of human rights, but mining also has a hugely negative impact on the environment: for every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 square feet of land is disturbed, and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.

Similarly, gold mining is one of the most destructive industries in the world. It can displace communities, contaminate drinking water, put miners in danger, and pollute ecosystems.

panoramic vista of an open pit diamond mine in africa

But, there is a safer way to buy jewelry without compromising on quality. The recent demand for lab-grown diamonds and sustainable metals means that there’s a growing number of alternative options available…. phew!

What exactly are lab-grown diamonds?

Understanding what lab-grown diamonds are and how they are made is important in breaking down the stigma that they’re of lesser quality than mined diamonds. They are visually, chemically and physically the same product, says Basma Chaieri, founder of lab-grown diamond jewelry brand, Etika Jewels. ‘They sparkle, refract light, and have the same range of colors and clarity as mined diamonds, she says. ‘This similarity stems from the fact that both are made of the same material: pure carbon, arranged in a diamond crystal structure.’

Three Stone Set of Diamonds - Trilogy Lab-Grown Diamond Set with Tweezers in Open Blue Parcel

These structures are created in labs through advanced technological processes that mimic the natural high-pressure and high-temperature conditions found deep within the earth. By crystalizing carbon atoms in a controlled environment, scientists are able to produce identical – and more affordable – alternatives to mined diamonds.

Where to shop in the UAE

It’s not just the skyline that glitters here, the UAE is home to lots of jewelry brands sparkling responsibly. Here’s a few of our favorites.

Etika Jewels

ladies hands wearing lab-grown emeralds and diamonds

Free from any conflict during production, use of child labor, or unsafe working conditions, sustainable fine jewelry brand Etika Jewels guarantee an ethical experience every step of the way. From initial sketches, down to eco-friendly packaging, the 100 per cent digital business is focused on people and the planet, using only IGI certified lab-grown diamonds. All pieces from this female-founded brand are designed by women to create jewelry with purpose and a commitment to reduced impact on the earth. Founder Basma Chaieri adds ‘lab-grown diamonds can sometimes have fewer impurities compared to natural diamonds, a the controlled process allows for predictability and uniformity in their formation.’


lady wearing numerous different pieces of lab-grown diamond jewellery

Bymystique’s celebration of nature can be seen in every aspect of the brand from sourcing, right through to design. The delicate collection inspired by celestial magic and the enchanting universe, makes for captivating everyday jewelry. Meticulously handcrafted in Dubai using 100 per cent recycled gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, each piece integrates the finest local craftsmanship with ethically sourced 18-Karat recycled gold; a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Even the high quality diamonds are pre-owned and sourced from the consumer chain with a minimum of VS1 clarity.

Evermore by Siroya

lab-grown diamond earrings on green material

At Evermore by Siroya, diamonds are not only graded by the industry’s four C’s (carat, clarity, color and cut), but a further fifth ‘C’ – consciousness. Every lab-grown diamond used across the extensive line of timeless rings, is grown, cut, and set in Evermore factories from start to finish. As a business passed down from four generations, they’ve not only inherited a beautiful legacy but proudly adapted old traditions to create a future that never mines for diamonds.

Fyne Jewellery

earrings with lab-grown diamonds in shape of snake

For founder of Fyne Jewellery, Aya Ahmad, jewelry-making is in her DNA. Born into a family of diamantaires, she not only followed in her family footsteps, but updated ethical standards along the way. Starting out by repurposing her old jewelry and designing engagement rings for friends, she soon saw a gap in the market to create diamonds that were both affordable and sustainable. Aya was proud to have launched the Middle East’s first lab-grown diamond jewelry brand.

Working with skilled local artisans, Fyne Jewellery is sourced from transparent suppliers and follows a personal made-to-order approach to reduce waste. Aya also collaborates with like-minded organizations to raise awareness, insists on using green packaging, and donates to associated charities.

With so many jewelry suppliers switching up their sourcing methods, why buy jewelry without a sustainable story to tell? Lab-grown diamonds and responsibly sourced gold might just make the world a better place, one stone at a time.

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