Ten of the Best Mindfully Formulated Beauty Brands

Here are 10 of our favourite natural beauty brands to help make you look and feel good – oh and they’re all available in the UAE!

by Rebecca Barnes

Why You Should Learn to Forgive

Whether you’ve been hurt, betrayed or just slighted, forgiving others is good for your mental and physical health and gives you a sense of freedom, experts say

by Christine Fieldhouse

How to Deal with a Sanctimummy

She’s in the park, the play area and behind you in the supermarket. And while she wants the best for her child and the planet, the way the Sanctimummy judges everything you do as a parent could leave you feeling a failure. Here’s how to deal with a self-righteous Sanctimummy

by Holly Catling

Are You Damaging Your Career and Life by Being too Nice?

You volunteer to stay late at work, pick up everyone’s children and make dinner but being too nice means being underpaid and undervalued experts warn

by Christine Fieldhouse

Why We Need to Wake Up to the Importance of Sleep

Politicians and CEOs claim a lack of it is the secret to their success but being sleep-deprived makes us aggressive, ill and more prone to lie, experts warn

by Josh Sims

How To Raise A Mini Activist

Whether it’s Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai or your children, allowing a child to protest about environmental and ethical issues isn’t easy. Here’s how to parent a child who isn’t afraid to raise their voice

by Holly Catling

Getting the Needle. Will an IV Drip Really Make You Feel Better as Celebs Claim?

Favoured by celebs like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Bieber, IV Vitamin Drips promise bags of wellness to boost your mood, keep colds at bay and make your skin glow. But what’s the deal with this latest wellness must-have?

by Anthea Ayache

How to Cope When Your Partner Doesn’t Care about Climate Change

You recycle. Your partner buys everything in plastic containers. You drive an electric car. They hop on and off planes like buses. Here’s how to change their behaviour to save your relationship

by Christine Fieldhouse

How To Tell If Your Friend is Really a Frenemy

She gives you back-handed insults and never misses an opportunity to sew insecurity and self-doubt in your mind, so how do you deal with a toxic frenemy?

by Christine Fieldhouse