Follow These Expert Haircare Hacks for Luscious Winter Locks

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Keep hair in tip top condition throughout the cooler months with this simple but effective haircare regime

When winter sets in, some extra TLC is always required when it comes to our beauty and haircare routines. Everything just feels a little drier and less hydrated than usual.

While it stays balmy and warm in the UAE over the next few months, for those travelling to colder climes, the drop in temperature can make your scalp dry and flaky and your hair brittle. Just like we cover up to protect our bodies from the cold, our hair also needs protection from the elements. 

So, keep your hair strong, and looking hot despite the cool temperatures with these top haircare tips from natural beauty and haircare expert and founder of Elluna Organic Beauty, Ella Doskocilova.

Use conditioner after a mask

Just like skin, hair – and the scalp – go through phases when they need heavier products to help keep them looking and feeling healthy. The best products to use during the winter months are hair masks which contain proteins, minerals and tripeptides – proven to stimulate hair follicle cells to increase the production of essential building blocks of the hair. They can also help to improve structure, giving your locks more strength. But after the mask always use conditioner, which helps to close the scalp’s cuticles, protecting it from dirt and germs.

lady with wet hair applying haircare mask
Remember to use conditioner after applying a hair mask

Watch the pH Level

Your hair should always be at an optimum and balanced pH level, between 3.5 and 4.5. If that balance gets disrupted, it can cause your scalp to become dry, oily, itchy, or irritated as it works overtime to try and bring it back into the correct range. Dandruff is a sign that your scalp’s pH could be unbalanced.

Using the correct products will not only help to maintain the desired pH level but will also help to prevent unwanted breakage and maintain the moisture and natural oils found in the hair.

Ditch the chemicals

woman looking horrified while pulling lots of hair from a hairbrush
Using products containing chemicals could lead to hair loss

Natural haircare products are best for your hair as they don’t contain chemical parabens which can cause dry locks, scalp irritation, colour fading and even hair loss. Sulphate is another powerful chemical which is still found in many haircare products today, adding to the forever growing list of scalp issues, including psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema.

There are plenty of affordable and luxury brands offering natural, nutrient-packed product ranges. Some of my top picks at the moment for natural and effective haircare include Kevin Murphy Re-Store Repairing Cleansing Treatment, the Kevin Murphy Angel Masque and the Kevin Murphy Blow Dry Ever Smooth products which are all currently available on Elluna’s website.

Hair Detox

A good hairdresser should always detox the hair before every treatment – a service designed to resolve colour and condition issues – to remove product build-up and silicons which have been left in the hair. Only after these have been removed can the hair truly benefit from receiving nutrient boosting treatments which will leave it looking refreshed and healthy.

Cover it up!

Your hair gets stressed when it is exposed to cold temperatures, making it more prone to breakage. So, shield it from the moisture-robbing snow, wind, and rain when you head out by wearing a scarf or a hat. Fight static electricity under your hat by popping on a dry oil spray beforehand.

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