Tread Lightly but Stylishly in these UAE Thrift Stores

Create fabulous new looks and reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe with these UAE thrifty treasure troves

by Harriet Shephard

Sustainable Fashion Brands Leading the Way

As consumers rethink their shopping habits, there is an increasing demand for more sustainable fashion. Here we choose our top picks.

by Irene Feeney

Taking Great Strides in Sustainability With Sneakers Recycled From the SKIP

Making vegan footwear from old shoes destined for landfill doesn’t mean sacrificing style, insists the designer for sustainable ecodeluxe brand Humans Are Vain

by Josh Sims

‘It’s just a sweet kid,’ says Google engineer who hired a lawyer for ‘sentient’ AI programme that FEARS being switched off

Blake Lemoine believes the Google chatbot LaMDA has the feelings of a seven-year-old child and says being turned off would be ‘exactly like dying’

by Karen Pasquali Jones

New (Recycled) Balls Please! The Race to Ace Sustainable Tennis Balls

As Wimbledon gets under way, sporting manufacturers reveal they’re now ready to serve up a volley of sustainable and recycled tennis balls to keep old ones coated with microplastics out of landfill

by Josh Sims

Trash Couture! Designer Jewellery Made From Scrap Car Tyres and Bike Inner Tubes

Laura Zabo is making more than a fashion statement with the necklaces and earrings she creates from old car and bike parts saved from landfill

by Karen Pasquali Jones

From Love Island to Pre-Loved Island; How the TV show Is Changing Fashion Shopping Habits

With a shared closet of second-hand clothes from eBay, the hit TV show could become the unlikely advocate for slow fashion

by Karen Pasquali Jones

Meet Lightyear, the New Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

Pioneering automotive firm Lightyear has unveiled its prototype Lightyear 0 – a solar-powered EV that can run for up to seven months without being plugged into a traditional charger.

by Nick Ames

Shop Your Closet (Without Throwing Anything Out!)

Fall in love again with clothes and accessories you already own with these five savvy tips to shop your closet

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