Wow Guests With These Festive Home Decor Ideas

Wow Guests With These Festive Home Decor Ideas

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You don’t have to forsake trends and styles if you want sustainable home decor this year

Decorating our homes for the holiday season brings joy, and greeting friends and family with beautiful tables full of food and drink, brings even more. According to the song, the end of October through to New Years Eve is the most wonderful time of the year. Wonderful, perhaps, and almost certainly consumerist. With a ton of non biodegradable waste, from glitter and sequins to plastic, there has never been a more appropriate time to act consciously over the festive season, extending to how we decorate our homes for all the gatherings that come with Christmas and New Year.

It is natural that as hosts, we want our personal space to be at its best for families and friends at this time of year, that we want to spend more time (and money) on giving our homes that ‘wow factor’ .

The great news is that we do not have to lose any element of our personal style, our traditions or love of trends to decorate homes and tables sustainably this year. With a little thought and creativity there is no need to compromise. Not only does it make moral sense, it’s a fashionable shift too.

Retailers have increased their sustainable festive collections this year so there is more to choose from but don’t be tempted into buying anything you don’t truly need, especially when there is so much you already have at home. The key to a gorgeous, but a sustainable home for the holidays is actually very simple. Reuse and repurpose.

Here are ways to create a memorable home and tablescape this winter, staying on trend and planet friendly. Win win!


Metallic is a key trend in Christmas collections this year and that’s great news for sustainable design. Most people have a household full of items that fit this theme from fabrics to candlesticks to frames, plates and more, so no need to go dashing to the stores. Just think about ways to display the things you already have in new ways that complement a pop of colour from your December decorations.

Remember, you do not need another 3ft Santa Claus to make a statement when you can create something just as striking by grouping metallic elements together, either as a table centrepiece or to display on sideboards, corners, or on the floor.

Metallics look amazing against plain colour linens and textures too. ‘Boring’ white or cream tablecloths will come to life and complement metallics such as cutlery, perfectly. A metallic focus also works for any theme – adding the colours of the flag with other pieces for National Day for example – you can keep your metallic base and plain linens all month long.

Old photographs make excellent place markers at the table. What better way to get people talking and feeling really at home than by making your decor personal. Everything old is new again, and good memories never go out of style.

Nathalie Khouri, The Cozy Interiors

Nostalgia & Tradition

Maybe not new, but absolutely back in vogue. Maybe you have years old holiday decor you have relegated to storage due to trends for less traditional colours and textures. Granny’s quilts? Things the kids made at school? It’s time to get them back out. The rustic look is popular this year, and coupled with memories of childhood past, this theme is perfect for a sustainable season. Teddy bears, train sets and more – all things we have already, just waiting to take centre stage again.

Remember when people used to take and print actual photographs? I bet you have a stash of those somewhere – nothing says cosy comfort more than being reminded of good times past. Why not print out or enlarge images from family gatherings and swap out your carefully curated frames to include these beautiful reminders of your family life through the years.

Old photographs make excellent place markers at the table too – can your guests recognise themselves? What better way to get people talking and feeling really at home than by making your decor personal. Everything old is new again, and good memories never go out of style.

Keep it Natural 

Wood, floristry, greenery and foliage are in style all year round but add a particular cosy feel at Christmas. Utilising branches, leaves, nuts and acorns, pine cones and cranberries into your table decor always complements food and drink, giving it a traditional and rustic feel. We’ve all gone indoor plant crazy over the past few years, and you can follow the ‘reuse’ advice above by changing up the pots to match your holiday themes, displaying them in a different location and grouping them together for a stunning green backdrop that accentuates any other pops of colour nearby.

The Festive Table

The key to a festive table is the personal touch. On table settings I like to ensure that guest’s names are around the table and I love the sense of nostalgia that comes with this holiday so I love to repeat traditions.

Your crockery and glassware forms part of the visual appeal, and you may have some heirloom pieces, or a set you only use at this time of year. Maybe your everyday sets will work with your festive scheme too. By dressing your table with what you already have, and investing in quality linens that you can bring out year after year, means that you can offset plain colours with bold colour trends. Keep it as simple or as opulent as you like but always keep it personal, in a way that is meaningful to you and your family or friends.

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