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Dubai to Convert 60% of Municipal Waste to Power by 2020

2 mins
municipal waste

Dubai is set to convert 60 per cent of its municipal waste into electricity sufficient to power 120,000 homes in an ambitious solid waste-to-energy  project says Nick Ames 

The $680m plant aims to treat 1.82 million tonnes of solid waste annually, according to Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, as part of a bid towards 75 per cent clean energy generation by 2025

DD Foxx: The Dubai Pop Star Making Music And A Difference

6 mins
DD Fox, pop star, charity, making a difference

Becoming a global superstar, doing good at every turn and singing in the bathroom at a Jebel Ali studio are all in a day’s work for Dubai pop star DD, discovers Britt Ashley

As interviews go, this one is somewhat surreal: Dubai pop sensation DD Foxx in the washroom singing Mary J Blige to me. ‘What do you think?’ she coos as she finishes. I think she sounds incredible. And I also think this may be the one and only time I ever get serenaded from a UAE bathroom.


Scoring Goals for a Sustainable World: UAE Hosts the Global Goals World Cup

6 mins

The Global Goals World Cup knows that playing the beautiful game can change the world. From saving the environment to eradicating poverty all you have to do is choose your sustainable development goal, support and play, says Anthea Ayache

An exciting global initiative is coming to the UAE next month: The Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup) which aims to score highly in eradicating world issues including poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change via an open women’s football tournament will be taking place in Dubai on January 19th, 2018.

A Close Shave: How Male Grooming Changes Can Save The Planet

4 mins

From switching to a safety razor, to choosing synthetic brushes, Louise Emma Clarke shares the ways to ensure your shaving regime is ethical and cruelty-free.

It is estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency that 2 billion disposable single-use razors are thrown away every single year. Most can’t be recycled, as the handles are made of plastic and the blades are dangerous to disassemble, which means there are a staggering volume ending up in landfills or making their way to the ocean. And that, of course, is a big problem for both the environment and marine life.

 No Shaggy-Dog Story: How Cute Pooches Are Helping Children To Improve Their Reading In The UAE

4 mins

Children are improving their reading skills by up to 30 per cent with the help of some furry four-legged friends, discovers Karen Pasquali Jones

Turning the pages of her book, Lily reads clearly, stopping every now and again to show her rapt audience the colourful pictures accompanying the words. They listen intently, cocking their head to one side as the eight-year-old finishes Where The Wild Things Are. As she closes the book, Lily, smiles and asks: ‘Did you like that?’

Elham al-Qasimi: We Have Endless Opportunities To Get it Right From The Start

4 mins

Emirati adventurer, entrepreneur – and now mother of three – Elham al-Qasimi is known around the world as the first Arab woman to reach the North Pole. Anthea Ayache speaks with her.

You did the North Pole expedition covering 128km through temperatures that fell as low as -30,  what was the best and toughest experience you had while completing the challenge?

The expedition is an experience, and there is no better teacher, or process to evolve and grow than experiences. In this instance, the experience taught me countless lessons. Perhaps the most powerful to today was an experiential understanding and hence deep belief that with persistence, nothing is impossible. Facing the mental demons that emerge when you are skiing cross country for up to 14 hours per day in silence. Even an iPod freezes up there, so you have a whole lot of time with your own thoughts and feelings

Off The Beaten Track: Ten Natural Hotspots Around the UAE

5 mins

From flamingos to mangroves, mountain swims to reef islands, there’s lots of hidden natural treasures and gems you can visit in the UAE says Anthea Ayache

The UAE, and in particular Dubai, has a global reputation for being the biggest, the boldest and the best with all it sets out to accomplish. Travel brochures tout  high rise hotels that touch the sky, mega-sized malls in which you can lose yourself for days, man-made islands that can be admired as you whizz past in your rented out super yacht. But putting the glitz and the glamour aside, the UAE is also home to some stunning natural wonders that don’t get the attention they deserve when placed alongside their twenty first century counterparts.