Curated edits on slow fashion and sustainable style trends to help readers make the maximum statement with the smallest carbon footprint.

Why Outfit Repeating Is The New Cool

It’s time to ditch our ‘more is more’ obsession and embrace outfit repeating, the latest fashion trend that’s good for us and the planet

by Irene Feeney

9 Best Practices For Selling Used Clothes Online

Follow our top tips for selling your used clothes to reduce carbon emissions, save resources and reroute your old clothing away from landfill

by Irene Feeney

An Interview With ChatGPT: The New AI Experts Warn Could Change Society

The world is talking about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence some believe will create mass unemployment and civil unrest. Scary? We asked it!

by Nick Harding

Sustainably U: The Handcrafted Conscious Clothing Brand That’s Turning Heads

SPECIAL FEATURE: Create a lean, timeless, and effortlessly chic circular wardrobe with the elegant handmade collection from Sustainably U

by Harriet Shephard

7 Adorable Kids’ Clothing Brands That Love Mother Earth

Tired of endlessly buying new kids’ clothing? Think quality over quantity and invest in sustainable pieces that look great and stand the test of time, no matter how active your little ones

by Irene Feeney

Schiaparelli’s Lion and Leopard ‘Head’ Dresses Cause Uproar at Paris Fashion Week

Designer Schiaparelli assures us no animals were harmed but animal activists claim the look glorifies trophy hunting

by Nick Ames

Renting Your Wardrobe In Dubai: Discover The Style Trend That’s Saving the Planet

Reduce clutter, expenditure, and your carbon footprint all while gaining a sizzling new wardrobe. Here are some of the best places to rent stunning outfits and accessories in the UAE.

by Harriet Shephard

Dive Into These Gorgeous Sustainable Plus-Size Swimwear Brands

Get ready to flaunt those curves in these plus-size swimwear brands that will have you channelling your inner beach babe while also caring for the planet

by Irene Feeney

Turn Tech Into Treasure: Easy Ways To Recycle E-Waste In The UAE

Old phones abandoned in drawers could be transformed into solar panels and wind turbines. Here’s how recycling your e-waste can give new life to dead tech.

by Michelle Kuehn