5 Trusted Ways UAE Residents Can Help Pakistan Flood Victims

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To make sure you’re donating to a verified source we’ve rounded up UAE approved charities that are helping the victims of the Pakistan floods.

Devastating floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan causing over 30 million people to be displaced and left homeless. The intense rain spells that have hit the country since June, coupled with melting glaciers have caused one-third of the country to be submerged under water.

Many have lost their lives and those who have survived are fighting deadly water-borne diseases that are spreading through affected communities. Livestock and people’s means of earning a living have also been affected leaving many helpless and in need of aid. 

To pull Pakistan back up on its feet, organisations across the UAE have been going above and beyond to collect donations for the people affected by the floods. However, it must also be noted that the UAE has strict laws when it comes to collecting charity to avoid fundraisers and their funds from being exploited by illegal organisations. According to the law, people are not allowed to host, organise, or carry out any fund-raising activities without a license from the Ministry of Community Development or its respective authority in each Emirate. Moreover, fund-raising must be done through one of the licensed charities or humanitarian organisations in the UAE.

To make sure that you are donating to an authentic outlet and that the collections reach the people affected by the floods, the UAE has created several avenues for people to donate. Here is a list of all the licensed organisations collecting donations for Pakistan.

Credit: Emmanuel Guddu (@emnpk)

Pakistan Association Dubai

In collaboration with UAE aid, Dar Al Ber Society, and Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) has sent out an Emergency Relief Appeal. Those willing to help can sponsor a tent to provide shelter to the people displaced by the disastrous flooding. Additionally, a food package priced at AED 110 can also be sponsored. Donators can also send reusable sanitary napkins to the women affected by the floods in the region.

Similarly, people can also drop off clothing at PAD in Oud Metha, Dubai between the hours of 9AM to 9PM, every day, but all items should be new. In Sharjah, the items can be dropped off at the Pakistan Social Centre. PAD is also accepting donations in the form of tents, blankets and bedsheets, dry rations, hygiene essentials, crockery and help in building a house.


Credit: Emmanuel Guddu (@emnpk)

Emirates Red Crescent

The Emirates Red Crescent has made it very easy for people in the UAE to donate to the flood relief efforts carried out in Pakistan. Those wishing to donate can head over to the website and donate via Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, credit or debit card, or by sending an SMS from your local service provider. 


The Citizens Foundation

The Citizen’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation with global representatives that help communities facilitate the needy in Pakistan. TCF’s Dubai representative, Sarah Sheeraz Siddiqui can be contacted to send aid and funds to the people affected by the floods in Pakistan. Their offices are located at International Humanitarian City. People in the UAE can contact them via email or phone to learn more details on how donations can be sent to Pakistan.


Credit: Emmanuel Guddu (@emnpk)

Pakistan Prime Ministers Relief Fund

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif has set up a Prime Minister’s Relief Fund making it easier for people overseas to donate to the people affected by the flood. An IBAN QR code has been shared on the Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, guaranteeing that it is an authentic source to transfer funds. Overseas donors can send their donations via wire transfer, money services bureau, money transfer operators and exchange houses.


Dubai Cares

The UAE has launched a nationwide initiative called We Stand Together to encourage people in the country to step up and help the people of Pakistan. Last weekend people from the community were asked to volunteer to create relief kits for the women and children affected by the floods. The organisation, in collaboration with the UAE Aid, Emirates Red Crescent and Sharjah Charity International, is collecting donations to send to Pakistan.


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