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6 Ways To Be More Vegetarian All Year Round

October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month but it’s easy to be more vegetarian for the rest of the year too

by Michelle Kuehn

7 Amazing Plant-Based Foods Taking Over Shop Shelves

From seafood to steak, innovative advances in plant-based alternatives are even luring meat eaters with their harm-free authentic look and taste

by Ashlen Wilder

Edible Extinction: The Foods Most At Risk From Climate Change

As our world continues to warm, the foods we rely on will become more scarce and those with the least, will be hit the hardest.

by Charlotte Ward

Cheers to Change: Why Embracing a Sober Lifestyle After Dry January Matters

Dry January may be over but Erika Doyle, founder of Drink Dry, tells us why we should keep the sober momentum going all year round

by Erika Doyle

From Bean to Brew: Perk Up At One Of These Fairtrade Coffee Roasteries

From hand picking their berries to roasting locally, you can rest assured a cup of joe at one of these Dubai based coffee roasteries comes with a whole ‘latte’ ethics in one mug

by Michelle Kuehn

6 Dubai Restaurants Fighting War On Food Waste

From zero waste menus and community composting to creating cocktails from post festivity Christmas trees, these sustainable restaurants are tackling food waste head on

by Amy Mathieson

Sustainable Food Workshops in Dubai For Planet Friendly Palates

From fermenting chilis to planting trees while cooking a locally sourced dish, these food workshops will appeal to the greenest gastronomers

by Courtney Brandt

Can Beyond Meat Bounce Back After 30% Slump in Sales?

Health concerns and cost of living believed to be the cause for Beyond Meat’s large revenue drop

by Nick Ames

Cool Off With Irresistible Iced Tea Cocktails

Forget chai – a refreshing glass of iced tea is the coolest drink for summer

by Karen Pasquali Jones