Parley team up with Dior to Create Beach Capsule Wardrobe from Ocean Plastic

Parley and Dior have collaborated on a Beachwear Capsule made from Ocean Plastic in the latest fashion linkup for the eco organisation

by Anthea Ayache

The Capsule Wardrobe Your Conscious Closet Needs this Summer

Synonymous with sustainability, the capsule wardrobe is now more fashionable than ever. We take a look at Dubai based, slow fashion designer EMILIA OHRTMANN’S seven summer staples.

by Anthea Ayache

Stay Cool with these Sustainable Summer Styles

If you want to up your sustainable summer style game, look no further than these ten suggestions from UAE slow fashion platform Wild Fabrik.

by Gergana Abdulrahman

The Future of Fashion is Here: Luxury Clothes That Are ALIVE

From algae to kelp, seaweed and even bacteria, designers are growing biogarments made from living textiles that clean the air and biodegrade in a bid to tackle fast fashion

by Josh Sims